Hotel Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre
In the vicinity of: City center
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 5
1012 RC   Amsterdam
, Netherlands

Special provisions of this wheelchair friendly hotel in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

per 01/12/2014


  • General parking available: Yes
  • Paving materials in this parking lot are: Concrete
  • Valet service: Yes, upon request


  • Existence of different levels: Yes
  • Different levels are overcome by means of a: Ramp
  • Impeding thresholds at the entrance: No
  • The building (entrance) is easily accessible: Yes
  • The entrance doors are: Sliding
  • Reception desk, if existing, is adapted: Yes
  • Impeding thresholds in the building: No
  • The freedom of movement in the buildings is sufficient: Yes

Public toilet for disabled guestsShowHide

  • A public toilet for disabled guests is available: Yes, 1
  • Width of the door is: 89 cm
  • The toilet is cleaned at least: 8 times a day
  • Has a fixed alarm system: Yes
  • Wheelchair fits under the washing-stand: Yes cm

Public areaShowHide

  • Existence of different levels: Yes, information at the hotelreception
  • Ramps exist where necessary: Yes
  • Floor-covering is friendly for wheelchairs: Yes


  • The building has a lift: Yes
  • Ground surface of the lift is: 2.7 m2
  • Width of the doors is: 110 cm


Also accessible for wheelchairs are:ShowHide

  • Bar
  • Fitness
  • Restaurant
  • Sauna
  • Beautycentre
  • Wellness


  • The accommodation offers its guests a personal alarm system: No
  • The building is well equipped for topping-up scoot mobiles: Yes
  • Small pets allowed: No
  • Assistance dogs allowed: Yes, upon request

Bedroom for disabled guestsShowHide

  • Roomnumber(s): nr 123, nr 150
  • Width of the door is: 93 cm
  • Wardrobe is adapted: Yes
  • Floor covering consists of carpet: Yes
  • The bedroom has an accessible balcony or terrace: No
  • The height of the bed(s) is: 55 cm
  • The height is adjustable: No
  • Wall-switches are well placed: Yes
  • Bedding anti-allergic: Yes, upon request
  • Personal alarm system present: Yes
  • Room has a connecting door: Yes


  • The floor covering is anti-slip: Yes
  • Width of the door is: 88 cm
  • Wheelchair fits under the washing-stand: Yes
  • The mirror is lowered: Yes
  • The mirror may be tilted: Yes
  • Has a fixed alarm system: Yes

Free movingspace in cm

The floor-plans show the distance to the wall or first hard to remove object.

Adapted public toilet 1ShowHide

A: 24 cm | B: 81 cm | C: 196 cm | D: 60 cm
Height toilet seat: 52 cm
Arm rests present: Yes

Room nr 123ShowHide

Surface: 22.8 m2
A: 145 cm | B: 94 cm | C: 207 cm
Bed height: 55 cm
A: 152 cm | B: 29 cm | C: 87 cm | D: 47 cm
Height toilet seat: 45 cm
Arm rests present: Yes

Room nr 150ShowHide

Surface: 27 m2
A: 77 cm | B: 260 cm | C: 119 cm
Bed height: 55 cm
Surface: 6 m2
= Showerhead
A: 50 cm | B: 54 cm | C: 166 cm
Height bottom shower bar: 143 cm
Arm rests present: Yes
Fixed shower chair present: Yes
A: 120 cm | B: 40 cm | C: 142 cm | D: 46 cm
Height toilet seat: 48 cm
Arm rests present: No

Welcome at the Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre. Our hotel is situated in the heart of Amsterdam, one of the most energetic cities in the world and definitely worth seeing. Here, business meets leisure together with great shopping possibilities, bars and restaurants – Amsterdam has it all!


The central station of Amsterdam is located a 5 minute walk from the hotel. The central station of Amsterdam has a direct connection to Schiphol International Airport or other exciting cities like Paris, Brussels and London

More info

Our hotel provides 270 rooms where of 53 rooms are Club Rooms, 6 Junior Suites and 2 Suites. Our hotel has the latest technology installed, all rooms have WIFI and wired internet. We also offer the IHG Sleep Advantage program which includes quiet zones, soft pillows and luxury sheets as well as comfortable mattresses to guarantee a good night sleep. When booking a Club Room you will get access to the special Club Lounge offering full complementary breakfast and snacks available throughout the whole day.

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